Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Kids Are All Right - September the 11th, 2010

The one question we asked ourselves again and again before we left was: how will the kids deal with the move?

The question is a valid one, and yet as I spend more time with them I realize how resilient and playful they are. The move has clearly brought them even closer together, which is a pleasure to see.

Other pleasures:

Maya-Swann loves her school and her teacher, Chrystelle, and already has a boyfriend!

They love riding on tuk-tuks! Our mantra is “This Is The Life!!!” whenever we get on one, but since we rented motor-scooters, the mantra has switched to scooters.

Zephyr has a wonderful teacher, Veronique. The French system is tougher than the Canadian system and the emphasis is elsewhere, but he’s doing OK.

Right now he is playing with a toy helicopter I got for him at the Chinese Market (another, much weirder entry…), his reward for doing well in school last year and getting his yellow belt in karate.

Next weekend I’d like to get them out of the city to take a look at the real country in which we are living. What I really would like to is go to a place where they could see some elephants and some of the authentic village life of this place and maybe give them a sense that not everyone has a real house with real walls.

I would like to show them that we have a responsibility in this country and that there is more to life than the pleasures of the West. I want them to see what we have to learn from the Lao – their gentleness and their resilience, their strength and their softness. I want them to understand. And I wouldn’t mind understanding a little myself!

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