Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paksé - November 24th, 2010


Paksé was built by the French and you’d have expected it to die with the French, but history had it otherwise.

There is nothing to do in Paksé other than visit the new Morning Market from whence you can jump on large tuk-tuk trucks that take you to more interesting places.

It is nice to walk around a provincial capital in the middle of a working day and notice that nothing is happening. Nothing at all.

On our way back we stayed in a shitty little hotel, the Sedon Guesthouse, that boasted a sala overlooking the river. The sala had uncomfortable chairs with an old Australian couple chain smoking and talking about the glories of their continent (“Lovely boat races, but you’ll never get a ticket by now”. Laughter. “Just down the road from the Royal Yacht Club there’s pub called Jennings”. More laughter.) to an English girl with tattoos all over her back.

Also on the way back we ate at an absolutely fabulous French restaurant near the Japanese bridge called the NaDao. Call them for directions at: 021 21 31 74 or 020 55 50 48 84.

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  1. thanks for your comment on Na Dao restaurant at Pakse,the new phone number is 85631 25 55 58 and the fax is 856 31 25 55 59.
    Sayavouth, chef owner of Na Dao.