Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Days On A Bike - Ban Fifty-Two Revisited

Ban Fifty-Two Revisited

This was my second visit to Ban 52. It is always miraculous to imagine so much rural beauty and architectural purity so close to the capital.

You may wonder why there are no photos of people. The answer is that I didn’t like what I saw. Sure, in the occasional courtyard you can see a family working on some stitching and I am sure they would be happy enough to pose.

But a lot of what is going on in Ban 52 I just didn’t like and I think that that is what is really going on in Ban 52. I saw macho teenagers going fast on motor-scooters and screaming at each other. I saw young girls with painted faces waiting for something, something unhealthy. I also saw people living at the rhythm of their ancestral genius, but I did not want to ask them to pose.

So here you have the grass huts and broken alleyways, the thatched roofs and pastoral setting in which some sort of drama – a drama I cannot decipher, is being played out.

It is good to know, however, that Ban Nongnak is still not a probleur!

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