Friday, September 23, 2011

L'Adresse Cuisine By Tinay

In my two other entries on eateries in Vientiane I spoke about our local soup place and the Vendôme.

The soup place is the colour and fabric of the city, and the Vendôme is an easy place to eat and chat and feel a kind of post-colonial high: French music from the 80’s and a clock showing the time in Mont de Marsan.

But L’Adresse is a totally different experience.

Vientiane is the kind of place where you don’t have to dress up nice to go to a nice restaurant. But the food and refinement of L’Adresse make going there an occasion, a rare pleasure and a treat. You want to dress nicely.

The interior is refined and every detail has been carefully considered. Back in the day, L’Adresse shared the front lobby of a hotel and it was good. Damned good.

But now Tinay has his own walls and he is stepping out: the dishes are delicately proportioned and the cuisine is French. Now, I know that ‘fusion’ is all the fashion but I wouldn’t call this fusion food. Not at all. But there is, at the very back of the palate, a shadow, a whisper of an echo of this great Southeast Asia. It haunts you like a garden spirit, you hardly know it’s there and yet you are sure of something supernatural.

Desserts are sumptuous and made from scratch.

Even the walls are beautiful with exposed brick showing ancient vaults over the windows.

A wonderful selection of wines, reasonable prices and a very satisfying lunch menu that changes every day. If you want to receive by e-mail their daily menu just go to their Facebook page and sign up.

I would reserve by calling 020 56 91 34 34. Visa accepted.

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