Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enough is Enough

Leaving Mouang Et I was looking forward to much of the same, but I was not looking foward to a steep 10 km climb up a mountain. Not only am I no hero, I am no smart non-hero, and for this trip I had packed too heavily.

At the end of the 10km climb, and after being invited to a Lao party which left most people vomitting their rice wine I flagged down a truck.

I am not proud to say this, I know your admiration for me is unrivalled, but when the driver said he was going all the way to Sam Neua I said OK. And thus I sat and watched some of the most spectacular landscape pass outside the window. Shame. Shame. I hang my head in Shame.

Having said that, I was indeed badly packed – not expecting those altitudes – and the road was being rebuilt which means it was worse even than the road that almost killed me in the Golden Triangle:

I also knew that this was my chance to see Vieng Xay and its sugar loaf mountains. And so yes, I chickened out.

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