Sunday, April 19, 2015

Six Days to Paklai

For all and in all I had six days.

Between a visit from my sister and brother-in-law 

from France and my wife’s trip to Hanoi with her 

girlfriends I had one day to get to the middle of 

nowhere, four days to cycle around nowhere and 

one day to get back.

A short trip with no wiggle room.

I decided to take the bus the Sanakham for the 
second time: 

and take another route.

This time I hugged the Mekong until it slipped up 

into Laos and then went along the Thai border till 


From there, the dirt road to Paklai. In the old days 

it was said that there used to be a boat service 

from Paklai to Vientiane, but like the bouilleur de 

cru in France, this little bit of romance has gone 

the way of the vespasienne.

So it was the bus back.

This trip is a short tale told in four entries:

Sore Everywhere

Bless the Lao Police

Blinking of the Eye, and

Back to the Mekong


  1. Such a short and saturated trip should be a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for your feedback. It was, indeed, too short a trip. I am waiting impatiently for January when Charlene and I will do Oudomxay to Louang Prabang by the back roads!