Monday, October 4, 2010

Best Eatery In The Hood - October the 5th, 2010

Just around the corner from us we found this wonderful place for chicken pho. We discovered it by accident.

I was just about to ask Marie-Do if she had checked the level of gas in her scooter recently when I ran out of gas myself. Just goes to show you that what goes around comes around.

I pushed my bike to this place and the lady gave me a hose and an empty bottle of BiaLao so I could siphon some off from Marie-Do’s full (!) tank.

Then we had lunch. We were impressed by how fresh her chicken and vegetables looked. The stuff tastes delicious, of course.

You’ll find it right across the street from the now-famous Vanhala Guest House.

The owners live behind the restaurant, in a room with no walls. At lunch time, the place is packed.

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