Saturday, October 9, 2010

Le Vendôme - October the 9th, 2010

As you can see, life here in South East Asia really sucks.

One of the great rewards of Vientiane is that every now and then the memory of its French heritage comes up and graces our lives.

Our lives are already graced by the gentle Lao and their superb temples, their tiny roadside restaurants and thoughtful driving. On top of it, the ghosts of their colonial past have the good manners to come and haunt our palettes.

Some restaurants are classy, dress-up sort of joints; there is a time and place for them. But the Vendôme is a popular restaurant that serves up good South-West French country cuisine. There are posters on the walls for la vache Landaise, and the three clocks show the times in Vientiane, Sydney and Mont-de-Marsan!

We always sit outside, across the street from southern entrance to the Inpeng Temple.

The first time we went, the plat de jour was poulet forestier/frites.

The plat du jour is 22,000 kip. Another lunch dish is 25,000 kip. This pavé de boeuf sauce poivre vert with very crisp fries and a glass of house wine will cost you 35,000 kip, or 3.5 Euros, or 4 American dollars and 30 cents.

And no, they don’t take Visa.

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