Monday, October 4, 2010

Mee Nam – Bo Mee Nam - October the 4th, 2010

Have water – no have water!

We awoke to a minor miracle: the cistern was full!

We flushed our toilets! We did our laundry! We showered and felt the nice water come out of the nice shower head!

I filled up all our bottles with water and put them in a reserve room under the kitchen. In the old days, my cellar would be full of wine. How the mighty have been humbled…

The fish tank filled up. A frog came to live in it, looking for a place to swim.

Now the cistern is nearly empty again.

Today is Zéphyr’s birthday! Here he is with Tam, our may ban and his birthday present, a replica of the Great Wall of China, made in Thailand, complete with mortar and bricks and the whole business.

This may not be the exotic stuff of adventures you would expect of a great world traveler, but for us having water for half a day is really big news.

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