Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Four - No Water - October the 2nd, 2010

It has been said by a real Jew who should know that on Sukkoth (the Feast of Cabins. For more, see the excellent film “Ushpizin”) we are allotted our yearly allowance of water.

Since water is a blessing and is synonymous in Jewish thought with both the Torah and with G-d, I hope you all had a nice, wet holiday.

Ours was as dry as a bone. Four days. No water. The neighbours still sit around and repeat, “bo mee nam” which means, “no have water”.

No rain. The dirt roads are turning dusty and the heat sticks needle points into the back of my neck.

Zéphyr and I came back from karate today smelling like a rat’s ass and with no relief in sight. The dojo was being used for a Taikwando competition so we didn’t even have the benefit of the Japanese-built marble showers. Training took place in a public school and when it was over I dumped a bucket of water over my head to cool off.

The neighbours are celebrating. They are listening to music and drinking beer. It is a no-water party.

Marie-Do had a good idea: call the landlord and see if he can come with his pick-up and deliver some water. A few hours later he was there with about 300 litres of water in jerry cans.

And so we can wash, do the dishes and even flush the toilets. In the end, we are blessed!

My karate outfit still smells like a rat’s ass, though


  1. Happy to hear that water is back, somehow.


    ps: Where/how did you meet a rat's ass?
    Just curious...

  2. Oh you are training!!! What style? Ohhhh!!!
    I will now follow your blog!!! Oh Bibsy graded for black last weeken, she was AMAZING!!!